BPTrends Associates BPM Program

The BPTrends Associates Business Process Management (BPM) certificate programs provide an exciting and innovative curriculum designed to assist business leaders, managers and practitioners in planning, architecting, designing, measuring and managing an organization’s business processes. The BPTrends Associates BPM Methodology is a comprehensive and integrated three-tier approach to BPM. It is based on the practical experience of BPTrends Associates’ principals, Roger Burlton and Paul Harmon, two of the most respected thought leaders in the BPM community.

Learning the fundamentals of business process management will enable you to maximize operational efficiency. The skills and knowledge you will achieve from our business process management training will bring more organizational success through improved business processes.  Our BPM training program stands apart from other training programs because our program will enable you to turn theory into practice.

An effective business process management is essential to empower the organization to achieve cross-organization efficiencies, gained through a common set of business processes, supporting information systems and satisfy the unique needs of different market segments and business units.

BPTrends Associates BPM Professional Certificate Program is now endorsed by the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA®)

BPTrends Associates BPM Professional Certificate

BPTA 101    Principles of Business Process Management
BPTA 102    Introduction to Business Process Modeling Analysis and Design
BPTA 103    Information Gathering and Facilitation for Business Processes

BPTrends Associates BPM Advanced Professional Certificate

BPTA 201   Advanced Techniques for Business Process Modeling Analysis
BPTA 202   Managing a Business Process Project

BPTrends Associates BPM Enterprise Certificate

BPTA 101    Principles of Business Process Management
BPTA 301   Business Architecture a Process Centric Approach

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