Creative Thinking Program

In this first day, we will speak about you. Your project, your values, the community surrounding you and how you can make all these influencing factors a force that support you towards your success. Along with your teammate you assess your strength and weakness, you develop your leadership qualities. You understand your business venture as something which is going to be part of your life achievement. We review positive business thinking and attitude. Getting you ready to a “no boss” life. Decision and strategy would be yours!
As we answer the fundamental question Why this business? We get practical with prototype and conceptual design. Your business take shape in a raw format. We define the marketing strategy and target customers. We plan for the present, the future and fare future. We use mood board, scenario and visual mapping to make your brand unique and beautiful. Lots of work in perspective! There is a presentation tomorrow and your business prototype must be ready.
Well, let’s have a quick presentation of your business. We are all ready with ideas and suggestions to help you making it better. It’s time to assess the strength and weakness of your business. What went well? What need to be reconsidered? What need to be improved? We help you plan the future of your business. As you leave this training you would have in hand multiple artefacts that support your business idea. The course is rich of information and tools. The interaction you make with your teammates a wonderful opportunity to make your business successful.

This program is practical and interactive. It stimulates your mind and reveal your inner strength to be the best of yourself in your career. You discover your strength and weakness along with others, you re-position yourself and design a new strategy to conquer. The training emphasis collective building and contribution to each other project. Sharing your project during the program would help making it better and faster.

What Are The Learning Objectives?

By the end of the program, we want you to be clear about your business objectives. You would have analyzed business opportunities from multiple perspectives. Now you have a clear idea about what you are going to do, how you would do it, and what would be your supports on the way to success.

Who Should Attend This Program?

Anyone who has a mind of entrepreneur or intra-entrepreneur would find himself on this program. You do not need to have a business plan or even a business idea to join this program. You must be happy to be a business or social entrepreneur for the time of the program. Later you may decide to take the big jump of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, we guaranty you will learn tools and techniques you can use for any professional situation.

What Will You Achieve?

Through the program, we ask you to understand yourself, your community and your business circle. We ask you to identify career opportunities as entrepreneur or intra-entrepreneur. We help you addressing business and/or Social venture may it be as entrepreneur or intra-entrepreneur. Depending the level of your motivation, personal clarity and investment during the program. Our wish is that you leave with a business plan, a project for your future.

What You Will Learn?

The program is design for creative entrepreneurs and start-ups. It addresses large businesses as well looking forward building the entrepreneurial capability of their workforce. You will learn tools that help you to assess initiatives you can take at any point of time in your life, career and personal business. This program would help you creating a balance between personal and professional objectives bringing purpose to your endeavor.

Duration: 3 Days
Trainers: Patrick Roupin, Bassam AlKharashi
Language: English

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