Design Thinking Program

For this first day, you will dive deep into conceptual thinking. Nothing to worry about! Design thinking is much more about experiencing than learning. You would agree that martial arts cannot solely be learned in books, the same goes for Design Thinking. You must experience the success and failure to sharpen your skills all over. We want to give you the feeling that you created something from the first day. From this first experience, we analyze. What was the process and how we can make it better next time?

Everyone can be creative and imaginative. However, innovation requires processes and tools you have to learn and apply. We go back to what we did on DAY 1 and structure our approach using persona, visual mapping, mood boards, etc. By this time, you would have met with success and failure. You now understand that a potential business is shaping up. But, how do you sense that you are going into the right direction?
We started with a simple idea, the idea became a prototype. There is quite a few relevant information showing this business prototype as a real potential. As we share our design with stakeholders, new ideas are flowing. What if you modify your business model? Re-position your target? Reconsider the purpose of your business? Design Thinking is a relentless questioning approach, keeping in mind that we have an objective to reach with milestones.

By now your business prototype would probably look quite different from the initial concept. You’ve turned challenges into opportunities. You have grown your mind and the mind of your community. You’ve gained the buy-in of your stakeholders. You’ve succeeded! You are now ready to take up a new challenge and start over the Design Thinking process in a much informed way.

Small team would be competing to create the best business concept. The challenge would be a share business that require participants to reconsider business from every angle. Customer experience, share revenue model, branding, marketing, etc. Facilitator would provide tools for the teams to exercise their design thinking, excel in originality and creativity.

Who Should Attend This Program?                                        

You are curious, love questioning things. You enjoy sharing business ideas with other, exchanging views and dismantle paradigms. Welcome! The future of business is about alternative thinking, BUT (and this is the secret of our program) structured alternative thinking. We think out of the box with processes and tools that have proven to lead to success.

What Are The Learning Objectives?

This training would open your mind to business possibilities. You may get lost for a while – do not worry! That’s part of the game. Top leaders across the world know that success is out there for those who can take risks. Those who adventure themselves with alternative thinking. Those who do not need a safety net to challenge their minds. You are safe! It’s all about learning through games. In this 3 days’ program, you learn from failures and prepare for a better future.

What You Will Learn?

Persona, user research, mood board, wall affinity diagram, storyboarding, user journey, etc. These are common practical tools for Design Thinking practitioners. Beside this we build up your theoretical knowledge by creating awareness of semiotic, prospective, foresight & user centric design. Let’s not be afraid of these terms we explain with simple terms and examples accessible to all.

Duration: 3 Days
Trainer/s: Mr. Patrick Roupin and/or Mr. Bassam AlKharashi
Language: English

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