Effective Facilitator Program

Getting Started

  • Facilitation Process
  • Principles Overview
  • Information Gathering

Exercise #1: Questioning

  • Preparing
  • Starting


Exercise #2: Starting

  • Focusing
  • Power of the Pen

Exercise #3: Using the Pen

  • Dysfunction

Exercise #4: Dysfunction


  • Review
  • Consensus
  • Energy
  • Closing


Exercise #5: Consensus

  • Agenda Setting
  • Agenda Models
  • Session Preparation



Exercise #6: Facilitated Sessions


Unlike other facilitation program, The Effective Facilitator devotes 80% of its curriculum to learning and practicing the group techniques that separate great facilitators from good ones.  This program focuses on critical skills such as consensus building, keeping the group focused, generating energy, managing dysfunction, and gaining agreement.  This is our branded approach to training.

Using the Practical, Dynamic, Interactive (POI) methodology, The Effective Facilitator allows you to experience best-of-breed facilitation in action while learning a proven process for expertly managing groups. You’ll practice the techniques and get feedback from our seasoned facilitators so that you’re ready to lead any group through a successful meeting or session.

The Practical, Dynamic, Interactive (PDI) Difference, ensures results –Practical techniques that can be immediately applied, Dynamic and high energy instructors, and Interactive exercises and practice sessions.  To date, over 95% of attendees have rated this course as THE BEST or ONE OF THE BEST programs they’ve ever taken!

Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for Managers, Executives, Facilitators, Trainers, Consultants, Sales Professionals and Analyst who need to lead a task force, establish a strategic direction, run better meetings, get a business process operating efficiently, establish performance objectives, work through conflict/internal strife, define the specific needs of a user community

What You Will Achieve

  • Knowledge on the 10 Principles of Facilitation that include over 100 detailed techniques
  • An understanding of the step-by-step process to get groups to achieve buy-in and consensus
  • Proven tools and techniques to clarify needs, motivate people to action, engage participants, and generate ownership that leads to results
  • Hands-on experience and interactive exercises to practice managing group dynamics and dysfunction that can easily derail a session

What You Will Learn

  • How to get groups to develop and agree upon workable, realistic plans or solutions to issues
  • How to create a vision that motivates people to action
  • How to engage groups in developing solutions and generate ownership that leads to results
  • How to utilize a comprehensive approach used by top facilitators – from getting a session started, to focusing the group, to managing dysfunction, to closing the session

Duration: 5 Days
Trainer: Mr. Abdulrahman AlForaih

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