Facilitating Business Innovation

Gain general awareness about Innovation Facilitation by understanding organization’s institutional innovation strategy. We will review innovation architecture, innovation process management and innovation maturity model.
You will learn to identify the challenge for which we want to create innovation. You will use the business canvas to define strengths and weakness in the organization. Isolate organizational issues, create a challenge question and present it to the project stakeholders.
Provoke new and diverse ideas to meet the challenge by disrupting the ‘normal’ way that ideas are generated by. Categorize, evaluate, and prioritize to identify the ideas to move forward. Using the idea assessment canvas, you will discover phases and relationship between ideas. Wear has the value matrix will help you in insuring that good ideas fit your organization values.
Start a conversion with potential users to learn, solve disagreement, and fail quickly and cheaply which will help in managing the solution-building process. Discover the process tools matrix to define prototype requirements and test protocols.

This program provides a detailed understanding of each of the building blocks that make up an innovative system, product, service, or a space and strategies for facilitating teams through the innovation process.

A PDI (practical, dynamic and interactive) approach provides practical step-by-step direction including a road map for innovation for your organization and tips for judging the quality of each idea of your innovation challenges, dynamic instruction from carefully selected energetic facilitators, and interactive practice sessions including in-class exercises and team breakout sessions to reinforce your learning.

Who Should Attend This Program?                                        

Anyone that is responsible for creating an innovation culture, improvement managers, and excellence managers of profit/nonprofit organizations and government agencies seeking to create an innovation culture.

What Are The Learning Objectives?

  • Provide a clear view of picture of the key steps in the innovation process
  • Provide guidelines for prototyping ideas and evaluating their quality
  • Review the techniques for facilitating a team through the innovation process
  • Understanding which ideation technique to use in any given situation
  • Identifying the key tips and pitfalls to avoid twice
  • Provide practice opportunities to employ the techniques

What You Will Learn

  • Lead an innovation task force
  • Define & profile innovation challenges (or an innovation challenge)
  • Prototype & test innovative solutions
  • Create an innovation implementation plan
  • Work through conflict/internal strife

Duration: 3 Days
Trainer/s: Mr. Bassam AlKharashi and/or Mr. Patrick Roupin

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