Strategic Visioning Program

Strategic Visioning (SV) is the name of a Grove Visual Planning System, a uniquely flexible methodology for visually aided strategic analysis. It supports strategy development, alignment, and organization change for any kind of organization.

At the heart of the SV approach is a series of thoughtful conversations, visually supported, that bring key stakeholders into consensus about new directions. Hindsight is combined with foresight to create insight and clarify action plans. Active visual facilitation creates a high-engagement process that supports breakthrough thinking around strategy, vision, action plans, and design of organizational communications.

While preserving the best practices of traditional planning, Strategic Visioning adds the engagement, creativity and big-picture thinking that visual facilitation provides. The process is distinctive in using large visual templates, called Graphic Guides, to support groups creating wall-sized, panoramic charts that capture conversations about their organization’s environment, current situation, vision of a desired future state and action plans for implementing their strategic vision.

Strategic Visioning Services & Tools

A. Orientation Services & Tools

  • Strategic Visioning Program
    This is an in-depth course and is recommended for all practitioners. This program and the accompanying materials will prepare you to lead Strategic Visioning processes either within your organization or as a consultant to organizations.
  • Coaching Services
    Our consultants are available to coach practitioners who need assistance designing
    and delivering a Strategic Visioning process.
  • Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit
    This card set includes sample agendas for one-day, two-day and virtual meetings. The accompanying best-practice cards explain each step in the agendas. These are used to plan your process.

B.  Meeting Services & Tools

  • Meeting Facilitation Services
    Designs, facilitates and implements Strategic Visioning processes tailored to your needs and sense of urgency.
  • Graphic Guides
    These templates are the signature tools in The Grove’s Visual Planning Systems. They work as both brainstorming and summarization tools. When mounted in a room, they create an instant decision support environment. Complete step-by-step Leader’s Guides accompany each of the Graphic Guides. Our Digital Graphic Guides offer these same templates in Microsoft PowerPoint format and provide a visual focus for web conferences and meeting follow-up.

Duration: 3 Days
Trainer/s: Mr. Bassam AlKharashi and/or Talal AlSubaie

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